Website Redesign Planning Template

Thoroughly plan and track the progress of your website design—from creating a strategy to launching it!
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About Our Planning Template

To keep your website redesign process going smoothly and on the right track, we created this template that will guide through each step.
Determine the aesthetic you want your new site to have, your new website goals, and your site's target audience.
Stay on track during the whole process by establishing a sitemap, planning your content, and sticking to your budget and timeline.
Learn what you need to do before, during, and after you launch your new website.

Why You Need This Template


A website redesign can make a great impact on your brand, but if not done correctly, a lot of mistakes can be made. One way to ensure you succeed is to thoroughly plan out your website redesign process.

Enter this website redesign planning template. It covers each step you need to take when revamping your site and provides you with tips along the way.

What Our Template Will Help You Do

Determine Your Website Strategy
Plan the Redesign Process
Establish a Sitemap
Plan Your Content Strategy
Set a Budget & Timeline
Launch the Website