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We make marketing work for you.

We're not just a marketing agency – we're your marketing partners. We find your marketing gems and build a simple, yet effective, strategy that transforms your marketing into a masterpiece.
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What We Do For You

With years of experience you can trust, we have proprietary marketing processes that help small businesses and nonprofits grow.

Our proven processes combine strategy with online advertising (Google, Facebook, YouTube), email marketing, and more to drive the following.

♦ Increase website visitors

Generate more leads and more revenue

♦ Build more brand awareness

♦ Drive more brand ambassadors

What others say about working with us

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

“Justin and Michelle give genuine, expert feedback that sets your business up for success. Talking to them feels like mentors you’ve known for life, and they truly care about teaching you the best strategies. Thank y’all so much for your help and all that you do!”


Kallie Butler | Wellstone

“The help that we get from Justin and Michelle is so tailored to our individual needs. It's super helpful. Every week we're able to come away with an action plan and able to work on that, implement it, ask questions as we go along. So we're able to actually get things done.”


Theresa Kennedy | HMCBA

"Our ongoing marketing partnership with their team has proven highly successful. We continuously have quarterly growth because of their online advertising and marketing expertise."


Mary Anne Swanstrom | Heart of the Valley YMCA

“We've had our biggest month ever.”

tom carter

Tom Carter | Orion School

"... it's clear that they really care about the success of my business."


Cat Kom | StudioSWEAT onDemand

"Justin and Co. brings us honesty, efficiency, and consistency. "


Nicole Sam | Simon & Schuster

"And thank you, as always for being such a great partner -- you (and team) make it all look easy, but I know just how hard it all is."


Whitney McNamara | Simon & Schuster

"Y'all are very generous with your time and patience with all the questions I ask. Y'all are also not afraid to point out when I'm getting off focus.

Matthew-Hillis Print2Impress

Matthew Hillis | Print2Impress

"You guys cover all the bases of what to do and how to do it. Even with looking for your donor persona, the things wording, the writing, everything you cover, just what I've got so far out the courses, because I have been doing my courses."


Alvina | Jermaine's Academy

"Justin, I am so thankful you are there and have the resources in place that we need to grow this vision."


Debra | Jermaine's Academy

A Few Of Our Credentials

♦ Google Ads certified since 2014

♦ 2014 Start Up of the Year

♦ HubSpot certified partners since 2016

♦ Created over 18.9 million impressions of
our clients' brands just last year alone

♦ Assisted in over $2.5M of online-generated revenue in 2020

♦ Drove over 1.2M website page views each month in 2021

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Don't let 2022 be a repeat of last year. 

  • Quit wasting your time on marketing attempts that flop. 
  • Stop spending tons of time trying to make 500 marketing decisions on your own.
  • Don't waste time and money trying to master tools that "simplify" your marketing.

Let's take action and make real change...together!


Let's discuss the next steps!

Schedule a time to talk about how 2022 can be different for you.