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About Instagram Best Practices

With 1 billion users on Instagram, how do you get people to engage with your content, let alone notice you? Our eBook covers best practices to follow on this social media app to help you increase engagement with your brand!

Expand your reach on Instagram using our tips for both feed posts and Stories.
Avoid committing an Instagram faux-pas by going over our Do's and Don'ts list.
Discover resources that provide you with graphic design and hashtag inspiration.

Why This eBook Will Help You


No matter if you already have an Instagram account or if you're just getting started, our eBook will make sure you know the best practices for this social media app.

We help you discover if Instagram is the right place for your brand based on the latest audience demographics. We cover the basic do's and don'ts, extra tips and tricks, plus links to free online tools to help you curate the perfect Instagram post.

Here's What You'll Learn:

Instagram Demographics
Instagram Do's and Don'ts
Instagram Tips and Tricks
Resources for Instagram