Content Marketing Made Easy

A Workbook Guide to Creating a Smarter Content Strategy

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About Content Marketing Made Easy

This workbook aims to teach you how to make your content strategy smarter, so that you don't have to work harder. It walks you through the process of planning, creating, and promoting content to effectively reach and help your target audience. Plus, it gives you time-saving tips along the way.
A complete guide on how to set SMART goals, find more authors, and audit your content
Ways to generate content topics and how to tell the most compelling stories
How to republish and reuse content and the most effective ways to promote it on social media and email marketing

Why You Need This Workbook


This workbook guide exists to help set your content marketing plan into action. With each step, there are spaces for you and your team to brainstorm content marketing ideas. Additionally, we link to our favorite content marketing resources.

By developing a smarter content strategy, you are ensuring that your organization is generating valuable content, which will ease your marketing efforts as it continues to build and maintain its own momentum.

Topics Covered in This Workbook

Content Planning
Content Framework
Repurposing Content
Email Marketing
Social Media Promotion